Tax Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Tax season can devastate business owners who aren’t prepared for it. Not staying up to date on quarterly estimated taxes or miscalculating payroll tax will quickly put your business on unstable footing. Chrisman & Chrisman Financial Services will not only help you avoid these sticky situations, we’ll help you plan ahead for them!

Our tax services in Oklahoma City, OK encompass your business’ full scope of needs, no matter its size or current financial standing. We handle your taxes swiftly and thoroughly, keeping you in good standing with the IRS and comfortable with your financial filings. Our abilities include:

Tax preparation/planning

Need help minimizing your tax liabilities? Want your taxes handled by a true professional? We’ll assist you with tax preparation in Oklahoma City, OK, guaranteeing your filings are given the oversight they need to be accurate and thorough.

Tax return filing

Filing out your business’ tax return is one thing—getting it properly filed is another. Let us take care of the complete filing to make sure you’re in good standing with the IRS.

Estimated taxes

If your business is required to file estimated quarterly taxes, we’ll oversee them. Using properly-kept finances from your day-to-day operations and GAAP figures, we’ll accurately estimate your taxes for a stress-free filing.

Payroll taxes

Are your payroll taxes accurate? If withholdings are incorrect or you fail to file employer taxes properly, it could drastically impact your financial situation. Our team pays close attention to your payroll taxes, assuring all reports are filed appropriately.


Does your business need a filing extension? We can save you the penalties that come with a late filing and make sure you’re up to speed with an estimated filing by the time your taxes come due.

Business taxes shouldn’t be a hamper on your operations. Call upon the team at Chrisman & Chrisman Financial Services to help you plan and file your taxes accurately and thoroughly. Reach our experts today at 405-942-4980.