How to Know You’ve Found a Great Accounting Firm in Oklahoma City, OK

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Not everyone is the type of person who enjoys number crunching and bookkeeping. If this is you, never fear—there are plenty of options available to help you wrangle your personal and business finances, but nothing beats the human touch. And you’re not alone—many people find numbers (especially when it comes to financial planning) stress-inducing, overwhelming and nerve-racking. The good news is there are qualified people out there who actually enjoy dealing with numbers and being financial consultants. Struggle no more—hire an accountant for help with tasks like taxes and money planning!

Are you ready to make your life more manageable? Before hiring anyone, make sure they possess the qualities you want in a personal or business accountant. Here’s how to know you’ve found the right accounting firm in Oklahoma City, OK.

Exudes professionalism

Of course, you want to work with a consultant who makes you feel comfortable and cared about, but a certain degree of professionalism is crucial when it comes to money. You have to be able to trust the person dealing with and managing your finances.

When seeking out help from an accountant or accounting firm, only look further into the companies that exude professionalism from the start. Choose an accounting firm that has a professional appearance both in person and on their website, and who answers the phone in a courteous manner. How a firm presents itself can tell you a lot about their financial services.

Proven experience

You want a firm with a proven track record and experience to handle your finances. Start your search by asking family members and friends if they have recommendations for trustworthy accountants, and browse the Internet for reviews from former and current clients. For the most part, you’ll pay more money for experience and satisfaction, which is better than paying less money for less-than-ideal services. Be sure to choose an accountant with a long history of making clients happy and you can rest easier knowing they actually want to do a great job for you.

Demonstrates knowledge

Accounting and other professional financial services require a person to possess a certain kind of knowledge and expertise. Your accountant needs to be a professional, preferably holding a degree in finance and a host of other certifications, all of which come after years of training—both on the job and through continuing education programs. Before hiring someone, make sure they are a certified public accountant (CPA) or a certified management accountant (CMA).

Provides insight

Your reason for hiring an accountant may stem from a lack of time to do the books yourself, or because you just don’t have the knowledge. Regardless of why you need to hire an accountant, a professional with insight into your personal life or business and strategies will help things flow more smoothly and ensure your finances are always on point.

If you are looking for a highly regarded and professional accounting firm in Oklahoma City, OK, don’t hesitate to contact Chrisman & Chrisman Financial Services. Reach out to us today for more information!

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