Top Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Professional for Filing Your 2019 Taxes

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It may seem surprising, but the 2018 tax deadline is just around the corner. If you haven’t already filed your income tax return for 2018, you only have until Monday, April 15 to send your returns off to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In late 2017, Congress passed landmark tax legislation that significantly altered the tax burden of many Americans. Many employers struggled to adjust withholdings accurately, however, which may mean that a slightly smaller refund is in store for you. Additionally, you may now want to claim the standard deduction, rather than itemizing like you have in years past.

There are a number of benefits associated with hiring a professional specializing in tax filing in Oklahoma City, OK each year. Filing your 2018 income taxes, however, may prove to be especially challenging due to 2017’s tax legislation. 2018 was the first year in which the new tax law was in full effect, which means that there are a number of policies and practices that were ironed out throughout the year.

Hiring a professional tax preparer may not seem like the most cost-effective option compared to online tools that are available for free or very low cost. In fact, hiring a professional can actually help you maximize your refund and ensure that you aren’t leaving any unnecessary money on the table.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with hiring a tax professional:

  • Saves time: There’s no getting around it—filing your taxes takes a lot of time. When you rely on a tax professional, however, you can make the most of your weekend and ensure that you’re not wasting unnecessary amounts of time sweating over your computer. Instead, let a qualified professional crunch numbers on your behalf.
  • Maximizes refund: While you may be out a small initial investment to hire a tax preparer, working with a professional specializing in tax filing in Oklahoma City, OK will ensure that you receive every deduction and exemption that you qualify for, thus alleviating your tax burden.
  • Reduces risk: The U.S. tax system is endlessly complicated, meaning that it’s easy to make honest mistakes. Even the most basic error, however, can result in your substantially overpaying, or worse: it could open you up to accusations of fraud, underpayment and IRS auditing.
  • Helps plan for next year: During a professional tax filing session, the tax professional helping you with this year’s return will also assist you with maximizing your refund for next year. They’ll educate you on ways that tax laws have changed throughout the year, and assist you with making tax-exempt investments in specialized programs and pension funds.

Since 1982, the team at Chrisman & Chrisman Financial Services has been premier providers of tax filing in Oklahoma City, OK. We’re proud to partner with our clients and help them receive the best possible refund. To learn more about the different ways that we can help you navigate this year’s challenging tax scene, reach out to one of our friendly financial professionals.

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