Tips for Choosing the Best Tax Preparer in Your Area

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Are you familiar with your options for tax preparers in your area? Do you know which tax plan in Oklahoma City, OK will offer you the best solutions for your specific needs?

Before you choose a tax preparer, it’s important to determine which one is the best fit. Use the following questions to sort through your options and find the best tax plan in Oklahoma City, OK for you.

Do I need professional help with my taxes?

How complicated are your taxes? Have you ever tried to sort through the forms yourself? Before you choose a professional preparer for your tax plan in Oklahoma City, OK, determine if you even need one. Many individuals and business owners can greatly benefit from this service. With complex deductions and multiple sources of revenue, taxes can be confusing, and costly mistakes can be made. However, if your return is straightforward and easy to complete, you might be able to do it yourself.

To determine if you need help with your taxes, try completing the preparation well in advance. If you have questions or get stuck on any items, you might need to contact a professional.

What fee structure is best for my return?

Not all preparers of tax plans in Oklahoma City, OK have the same fee structure. Some professionals charge a flat rate for their services, while others charge by the hour. Which is best for you? That depends on how long it will take to complete your return. As you weigh your options, get rates from several professionals so you can compare and determine what will provide the best bargain.

If you encounter anyone whose fee is based on the amount of your refund, take your business elsewhere. This fee structure is unhealthy for a couple of reasons. First, it provides a tempting situation for the preparer: they may try to bend the law to get you a higher refund so they get a higher fee. Second, you might end up paying a lot more than you would with a flat fee or hourly rate. If you receive a large refund, you could pay a good chunk of change for your tax plan in Oklahoma City, OK.

Are they promising a refund?

A tax professional should never promise a refund to a client. Before completing the return, there is no way they can honestly make this promise. The end result will be one of three options: they break the promise, luck out and keep their promise or act dishonestly in order to keep the promise. It’s best to avoid this scenario altogether.

Choose the Best

If you’re asking the right questions about tax plans in Oklahoma City, OK, your answers will lead you straight to the experts at Chrisman & Chrisman Financial Services. We have been the area’s go-to source for tax preparation since 1982. Let our professionals handle your tax plans, so you can focus on other items on your life list. We are committed to integrity, efficiency and customer-centered services. Reach out to our friendly team today to get started on your tax prep.

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