Tips for Small Business Seeking a Trustworthy Accounting Firm in Oklahoma City, OK

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Every business can benefit from the services of a skilled accountant. Not only will the accountant help you keep your books and records in order, but he or she can also help you with financial planning, tax preparation and growing your business.

Here are just a few steps you can take as a small business owner to find an accounting firm in Oklahoma City, OK that you can trust.

Make use of referrals

Don’t hesitate to ask other business owners about whom they use for their accounting and what they like or dislike about the services they’re getting. You’ll find many people in the business community to be happy to share this information with you and to provide referrals if they’ve been satisfied with the results.

At the very least, you should go online and look for reviews of accounting firms, and gather as much information as you can about the services those firms provide and the kind of reputation they have in your area. But the more information and recommendations you can collect before you make your decision, the better you will feel about the choice you make in the end.

Talk directly to some accountants

If you’ve narrowed down your search to a few potential accountants, give them a call and talk to them directly about the services they offer. Ask about their training and certifications, and the kinds of experience they have with clients in your specific industry. You can also check with the professional associations they belong to so you can ensure their qualifications are valid and that there are no issues you need to be concerned about.

When talking to the accountant, don’t feel like there are questions you have to shy away from asking. If you want to know about billing, ask about it—find out about the rates and how those are determined, how they bill and how you pay. Find out of the accountant is familiar with ecommerce, if they’re capable of helping you when you do work internationally and if the accountant is familiar with any specific tax codes that affect your company.

Evaluate the firm’s communication levels

As you talk to your potential accountants, you should take note of how easy it is to get a hold of them, how quickly they respond to your questions via email, how quickly they’re able to return your calls and how easy it is to form a general rapport with them. Remember that this is ideally going to be a relationship that lasts for some time, so you want to make sure you’re completely comfortable working and communicating with the accountant, and that you’re actually able to have a feasible working relationship in the long term.

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when looking for an accountant to work with your small business. For more information about how to find an accounting firm in Oklahoma City, OK, we encourage you to contact the team at Chrisman & Chrisman Financial Services today.

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