How to Find a Great Financial Planner

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Managing money is one of the most challenging aspects of daily life. If you’re responsible for overseeing the budget of a business, you’re likely all too familiar with the stress and long nights associated with corporate bookkeeping. Working with a talented financial planner is one way that you can ensure that your accounts remain in good standing. Working with a firm specializing in financial planning in Oklahoma City, OK could help you ensure that your business remains afloat.

Financial planning in Oklahoma City, OK involves a complex balancing act. Financial planners analyze your company’s existing accounts, assets and debts, and work to arrange your flow of capital in a way that will ensure that your company has a consistent and responsible supply of money. While financial planners may not be able to increase your company’s revenue, they can help you cut any waste and increase your profits.

Here are a few things to know about and think of when you begin looking for a financial planner to work with your business:

  • Know your acronyms: There’s a veritable alphabet soup associated with the financial industry, specifically as it relates to financial planning. For instance, a chartered financial analyst (CFA) will have expertise specific to investing. A certified public accountant (CPA), on the other hand, will have more tax-specific knowledge. Certified financial planners (CFPs) have the most generalized knowledge bases.
  • Avoid fee-based advisors: You should work with fee-only, rather than fee-based, financial planners. This means that your financial planners won’t be supplementing their income by earning commission selling you certain banking products. While the initial expenses may be higher, working with a fee-only advisor will ensure that you are getting the services that are right for you.
  • Ask hard questions: Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions while you’re shopping for a provider of financial planning in Oklahoma City, OK. After you’re done interviewing a prospective financial planner, you should have a clear idea of their money management strategies and their own fiscal background. This can help you ensure that you are working with a trustworthy and knowledgeable planner.
  • Check with regulators: Finally, you should plan to perform a regulatory check on your prospective financial planner before you sign any formal agreements. You can check with an advisor’s Form ADV to learn more about the planner’s past. Additionally, you should reach out to your state securities’ office to determine if there are any local tools you can access to learn more about your prospective planner.

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